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In Obninsk the doctors demanding payment for workinkg overtime were offered to quit
17 April 2020, 19:40
In Obninsk the doctors demanding payment for workinkg overtime were offered to quit
The deputy chief physician of one of the Obninsk hospitals, in response to a request from doctors to restore premiums for emergency care, advised them to quit

Curious events proving that the coronavirus epidemic still causes controversial emotions even among physicians who are at the forefront of the fight occur in the Kaluga region. Anna Moiseeva, deputy head doctor of the Clinical Hospital No. 8 of Obninsk, offered the surgeons that are dissatisfied with salaries to quit the job. She wrote this in the official note for the doctors who reported that they had ceased to receive monthly surcharges, reports the channel Medical Russia.

In March, surgeons did not receive a monthly surcharge for emergency care. They wrote a memo on this occasion and carried it to endorse the deputy head doctor Anna Moiseeva before handing the acting head physician to Mikhail Sergeyev.

Anna Moiseeva wrote directly on that memo: Those who are dissatisfied with their salaries can quit”.

In March, surgeons provided emergency assistance to residents of the city 24 hours a day, but, as it turned out, were not worthy of extra charges for it, writes “Notepad of Russia”.

Acting as the chief physician of the hospital, Mikhail Sergeyev, who personally apologized to the surgeons and wrote in the official group of the hospital on social networks that he considered Moiseev’s act as a violation of professional ethics and business communication rules, considered it incorrect: “To allow statements of this kind and emotional attacks impossible. " He added that the deputy will suffer both disciplinary and material punishment.

It is interesting, incidentally, that recently, by personal order of the head of the region, the head physician of the Kaluga Regional Hospital Vladimir Kondyukov was fired only because he flew away to rest in Thailand during the pandemic and was supposed to be on duty.