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More than 40 doctors died because of the coronavirus in Dagestan
17 May 2020, 13:33
More than 40 doctors died because of the coronavirus in Dagestan
Photo: riafan.ru
Jamaludin Hajiyibragimov, the head of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Dagestan, announced the deaths of dozens of doctors because of the community-acquired pneumonia and COVID-19.

- According to colleagues - (dead) over 40. This is really a tragedy. I express my sincere condolences to their families and families, as well as to the relatives of all the dead residents of the republic, ”the head of the department said during a live broadcast on Instagram with political scientist Ruslan Kurbanov.

The names of the deceased doctors were not published on the official website of the Ministry of Health. The minister explained this by the fact that he does not separate colleagues from other residents of the republic who became victims of coronavirus infection.

The fact that Dagestan raises concerns about the provision of medical care and stabilization of the situation with coronavirus, said the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. He noted that the problem is in outbreak incidence in certain territories and in settlements of the republic. Specialists of the federal department went to Dagestan to assess the quality of medical care that turns out to be infected.

“While in Derbent, I see that the system for treating patients with pneumonia and COVID-19 has been formed, but there are a number of unorganized issues,” said Oleg Gridnev, deputy head of the Russian Ministry of Health.

Earlier the head of Dagestan Vladimir Vasiliev argued that the situation with coronavirus in the republic had already reached a plateau.

Meanwhile, in some areas of the republic, the probability of mass deaths due to coronavirus remains high. For example, in the village of Gergebil, only 12 people died from COVID-19 in just a few days, and the local hospital has only one ventilator.

According to official data, now more than 13 thousand people with community-acquired pneumonia and coronavirus have been identified in the republic. In hospitals are seven thousand of them.