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The Ministry of Construction was offered to check the wiring in the apartments
17 November 2020, 09:25
The Ministry of Construction was offered to check the wiring in the apartments
The head of the Ministry of Construction Irek Fayzullin was sent a letter with a proposal to introduce mandatory routine checks of electrical wiring in the apartments of citizens. Such an initiative was put forward by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and NP "ZhKKH Control"*.

The authors of the idea draw the attention of the head of the department to the fact that the tenants do not have sufficient skills to monitor the state of the wiring on their own, Izvestia writes. According to the project initiators, the control over the state of the networks should fall on specialized organizations.

Now in apartment buildings, twice a year, inspections of power supply systems in the entrances are carried out. But the owners will still remain responsible for the condition of the network in residential premises.

Let us recall that it was the faulty electrical wiring that caused the fire in the Second House hospice near Moscow, which killed nine people. Also, in May, due to faulty wiring in the Moscow region again suffered a fire that killed six workers.

Faulty electrical wiring regularly causes fires, which often end tragically. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it is she who becomes the root cause of fires in residential buildings in 40% of cases. In general, fires in residential buildings accounted for about 70% of all cases of fires, including forest fires and those that occurred at industrial facilities.

*NP "ZhKKH Control" - it's Non-profit partnership "The national center of public control in housing sector "housing and public utilities Control".