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Viktor Tsoi's son will sue the studio of director Alexey Uchitel
17 November 2020, 09:40
Viktor Tsoi's son will sue the studio of director Alexey Uchitel
Photo: dp.ru
The son of the leader of the group "Kino" Viktor Tsoi, Alexander Tsoi, filed a lawsuit against the studio of director Alexey Uchitel (pictured) and film distributors for the film "Tsoi", in which he talks about the events that followed the accident in which his father died.

"The court registered a claim to protect the rights of a citizen to the image from A.V. Tsoi. to LLC "KAROPROKAT", LLC "SPPR", LLC TPO "ROK"", - TASS quotes the words of the representative of the Presnensky court of Moscow.

Until a decision has been made to accept the claim for consideration and a date for a hearing has not been set.

Let us recall that even before the release of the film, Alexander Tsoi published on his page on the social network a copy of a letter addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the message, he points out that the musician's heirs consider the film "defaming the good name of Viktor Tsoi and his loved ones".

"I was against this film from the very first versions of the script that were shown to me. The story told in it is completely fictional, except for the fact of the death of my father in an accident in Latvia in 1990. I know this for sure, because I was there. The creators are trying to use a well-known surname to make money on dubious fantasies", - admitted Alexander Tsoi.

Recall that Uchitel announced his intentions to make a film about Viktor Tsoi in 2018.

"I went to the scene of the tragedy when it happened. Then I met the driver of the Ikarus, into which Viktor Tsoi's car crashed. I remember this driver very well and the film that I will shoot is more likely about him and about the people close to Victor who surrounded him at that moment", - Uchitel said.

In the film, indeed, the world of machines is shown more closely than the world of people. The director draws a parallel between a simple bus driver and the idol of millions, and in some moments the driver surpasses the musician.