Two employees of the Federal Space agency of the Russia died because of the coronavirus
18 April , 14:18
Two Roscosmos specialists with confirmed coronavirus died in a hospital on April 17. One of them was 62 years old, the second - 68 years old. Another employee of the state corporation with suspected coronavirus died of bilateral pneumonia, he was 58 years old.

According to TASS, citing the deputy head of Roskosmos Oleg Frolov, these three employees worked in Moscow and the Moscow region.

In total, 42 employees were infected with the coronavirus at Roscosmos, and 30 sick specialists of the corporation were reported a little earlier. It is noted that four people recovered.

Earlier, a source of the agency reported that coronavirus was confirmed by the general designer of RSC Energia Evgeni Mikrin, who is on self-isolation at home, because he has no symptoms of the disease.

Two days earlier, it was reported that in the Star City near Moscow, where the Cosmonaut Training Center is located, the first case of COVID-19 infection was detected.

On the eve of the astronaut Oleg Skrypochka returned to Earth from the ISS. According to the press secretary of the Cosmonaut Training Center Dmitry Zhukov, after returning to Star City, he will not be subjected to special quarantine procedures to avoid infection with coronavirus, since quarantine-like measures have been included in the space flight schedule from the very beginning.