The Ministry of Health explained the procedure for paying doctors for work with patients with coronavirus
18 May , 10:20
The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation instructed to pay premiums for direct work with patients with coronavirus infection to doctors of all positions. A letter from the department was sent to regional health authorities on May 17.

Payees will be health workers, regardless of position. Among them are employees of hospitals, specialized mobile ambulance teams, drivers, including employees of transport organizations involved in the work, RBC reports .

Payment will be issued depending on the number of shifts or hours if the employee worked according to the established schedule.

The list of departments whose employees are eligible for payment will be established by the hospitals themselves.

In addition, the applicable coefficients and percentage premiums for work guard in areas with a special climate will be applied to the surcharge.

Countdown of payments begins on April 12. Additional funds will be paid on time for receiving a monthly salary.

Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered all doctors to pay 80 thousand rubles, the average medical staff 50 thousand rubles, the youngest - 25 thousand rubles. For these purposes, 50 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget. 27 billion rubles. of them, doctors should have already received. Nevertheless, in a number of regions of the country, employees of medical institutions complain that they did not wait for the payments promised by the president. In this regard, the head of state reported to the regional authorities and the heads of hospitals.