The Ministry of Construction was offered to put on hold the garbage chutes in apartment buildings
18 June , 10:56
The Public Chamber, the All-Russian Society for the Conservation of Nature and the Institute for the Development of the Legal Society addressed the head of the Ministry of Construction, Vladimir Yakushev, with the proposal to close garbage chutes in apartment buildings.

According to the authors of the appeal, it is the garbage chutes in the entrances of multi-storey buildings that become a source of unpleasant odors, as well as distributors of cockroaches and rodents. In addition, they increase the risk of fires. Therefore, social activists proposed to allow management companies to close garbage chutes if residents of the house regularly violate the rules for their use, Izvestia writes . At the same time, it is proposed to pay for conservation work to the residents themselves.

According to representatives of the press service of Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko, the initiative will be reviewed and worked out, including as part of the implementation of the roadmap for the implementation of separate collection of garbage.

Recall that in 2018, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergey Donskoy said that brewing garbage chutes should accustom citizens to separate garbage collection.

It should be noted that last year the Ministry of Natural Resources banned throwing batteries and accumulators into the garbage chute.