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December 31 declared a day off in the Magadan region
18 December 2020, 10:01
December 31 declared a day off in the Magadan region
Photo: navigato.ru
The Governor of the Magadan Region, Sergey Nosov, wrote on social networks that the region will rest on New Year's Eve, December 31. He promised that during the New Year holidays "nothing will be closed" and urged not to believe fakes.

"We conducted a survey at various sites, in which more than 10 thousand residents of Kolyma took part. 72.3% supported the initiative to make the last day of the outgoing year non-working in order to devote more time to families", - said the head of the Magadan region.

The weekend is postponed from Saturday, December 26.

On behalf of the governor, additional changes were made to the decree allowing the work of cultural institutions.

"This will especially delight children during the New Year holidays", - Sergey Nosov promised.

According to him, all establishments that opened in the spring continue to work. The restriction applies only to catering organizations - they should not work after 22 hours.

"Because the economy of small and medium-sized businesses, the preservation of jobs and the well-being of people are fundamentally important. Do not trust fakes that are spread on social networks. Nothing will be closed", - the head of Kolyma assured.

Let us recall that 28 regions were declared a non-working day on December 31. Next year, the last day of the year will also be non-working. At the same time, earlier the State Duma rejected the LDPR bill, according to which it was proposed to make December 31 a day off on an ongoing basis.