The concentration of the harmful substances in the water bodies of Norilsk exceeded the norm by 10 times
19 June , 16:06
Photo: МЧС
The maximum permissible concentration (MPC) of the harmful substances in the water bodies in front of the oil-spill booms in Norilsk is still at a level 8-10 times higher than the norm.

It is reported by RIA Novosti with the reference to emergency services.

After the specialists took 34 samples from the water area in front of the first line of boom barriers, in some sections of the Ambarnaya River a 15-fold excess of the MPL level of oil products was revealed. Over booms, the excess was 1.3 times.

- Analyzed 34 water samples. An excess of the maximum permissible concentration of petroleum products was recorded in front of the first border of boom barriers by 8-10 times, behind boom barriers - by seven times, ”the source told the agency.

During the time after the accident, a total of 459 samples were taken. Of these, 402 are water samples, 16 are bottom sediments, and 41 are soil samples.

Recall that more than 700 specialists are carrying out work to eliminate the consequences of the accident at TPP-3, which resulted in a spill of oil products. Greenpeace estimated the damage at 6 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations noted that we can talk about the restoration of local fauna after an environmental disaster - this is evidenced by returning birds.

Earlier it was reported that fuel after the spill at TPP-3 fell into the glacial lake Pyasino.