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Most Russians are against "covid passports"
20 January 2021, 09:28
Most Russians are against "covid passports"
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59% of Russians said that they are against the introduction of so-called "covid passports" for those who have had a coronavirus infection or who have been vaccinated against it. The idea of the authorities of Bashkiria was supported only by 12% of the respondents.

29% of those surveyed by the SuperJob portal, RBC points out, found it difficult to answer, and the number of doubters, analysts say, is falling as the income of the respondents grows. The number of opponents of such a document is directly proportional to the income level of the research participants.

If of those who receive up to 30 thousand rubles a month, 12% are in favor of the introduction of a "covid passport", then when the income of the respondents is more than 80 thousand rubles, the number of supporters increases to 15%. However, the number of opponents is growing - 34% and 64%, respectively.

The authors of the study point out that those opposed to "covid passports" mainly call information about the presence of antibodies a medical secret, and the decision to issue such documents is discriminatory. The supporters of the idea are mainly those who are faced with the need to get tested for COVID-19.

It's worth reminding that on January 18, the authorities of Bashkiria announced the introduction of "anti-water passports". According to the head of the republic, Radiy Khabirov, the project will help solve a number of problems at once, including the inconveniences of citizens over 65, who now, with such a passport, will not have to go into mandatory self-isolation. It will also help to popularize the vaccination procedure, Khabirov said.

Tour operators believe that such documents for entering and leaving Russia abroad can lead to a decrease in demand for travel to those countries where such passports will become mandatory, tour operators warned.