The All-Russian public opinion research center: almost a fourth of Russians admitted that they are very afraid of contracting the coronavirus
20 April , 16:25
The majority of Russians - 86% - are sure that they are sufficiently informed about the situation with coronavirus in the world and about the ways of its transmission and the methods of its prevention. 22% admitted that they are very afraid of getting infected.

According to a survey made by Russian public opinion research center, 55% of Russian citizens find it difficult to assess how low or high are their risks of contracting a coronavirus infection.

The study showed that 28% of Russians believe that this probability is negligible. 17% , on the contrary, believe that the danger of getting sick is very sufficient.

22% of respondents are very afraid of coronavirus infection. 55% are afraid of it only to a certain extent. And every tenth respondent does not believe that the disease can affect him or his loved ones. 12% of respondents did not think about this issue.

11% of respondents believe that information about coronavirus and its distribution methods is insufficient. This figure has not decreased since the last study conducted on April 2.

We may recall that according to the ANO “National Priorities” study, about 80% of Russians support measures introduced by the regional authorities to combat the coronavirus. Same quantity of the respondents agree to observey the self-isolation regime in the future, if it is extended. 82% of the respondents trust official sources of information about coronavirus.