In just one day the number of new cases of coronavirus in Moscow decreased by 20%
20 May , 19:27
The number of new cases of coronavirus infection in Moscow has declined sharply. Over the last 24 hours, coronavirus was confirmed in another 2.6 thousand patients, which is half the daily increase in patients in the capital at the peak of the epidemic and 23% less than the day before.

In addition, the number of patients recovered per day exceeded the number of new cases detected. In the whole country, coronavirus was confirmed in 8.7 thousand people, 9.2 thousand patients managed to recover. The difference between the number of sick and recovered in the capital is two times, according to the data of the staff. Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor said that the country managed to stop the spread of coronavirus, but it will be possible to return to normal life no earlier than a year later.

Over the last day in Moscow, another 75 patients died of complications, the total number of deaths from a new disease since the beginning of the epidemic in the capital reached 1.7 thousand people.

Record - almost a quarter - increased the number of cases in the last day in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Over the past 24 hours, another 504 people have confirmed the new disease, from the beginning of the spread of the epidemic in the region, 2.4 thousand people fell ill, and another person died from complications.

The number of patients with coronavirus in the Nizhny Novgorod region continues to increase. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 7.2 thousand people have already become ill here, including 257 patients who confirmed the disease in the last day. Four more people died from the new virus. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 49 people have already died.

Another 139 people confirmed a new disease in the Rostov region, 135 people were infected in the Yaroslavl and Sverdlovsk regions. Four people died in Dagestan in a day. Earlier, President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the fast pace of the spread of a new disease in the republic. According to the head of the region, patients with pneumonia are not included in official statistics, which has already been confirmed by over 13.6 thousand residents of the republic. 657 people died of lung diseases, including 40 doctors.

The number of patients with coronavirus in the whole country exceeded 308.7 thousand people, already 85.3 thousand managed to cope with the disease. During the spread of the epidemic, 2.9 thousand patients with coronavirus died from complications.