The figure of the day: mortality of doctors because of СOVID-19 in Russia is almost 16 times higher than in the USA
20 May , 19:47
In countries of the world, the scale of the coronavirus epidemic in which is comparable to the Russian one, doctors die because of this disease much less often.

The mortality statistics of doctors in different countries of the world were analyzed in detail by the journalists of the Mediazona publication and came to the conclusion that mortality from coronavirus infection among doctors in Russia is 16 times higher than in countries with comparable epidemic proportions.

The publication confirmed the death of doctors from COVID-19 in 186 cases from the “Memory List”. On May 18, there were 222 names in it. Officially in Russia, according to the data as of May 18, 2722 fatal cases of COVID-19 were registered (according to the estimates of Mediazona on the same date - 2864). That is, the share of doctors in the total number of deaths from infection is almost 7%. For comparison, in Italy this share is 0.65%, in the USA - 0.48%, in Iran - 1.59%.

According to Mediasona’s assumption, the mortality situation among Russian doctors can be explained by underestimated statistics for the deaths from COVID-19 and high professional risk due to the fact that physicians lack personal protective equipment. I add that the fight against the epidemic in Russia, indeed, raises a lot of questions. But the authorities, instead of transparency, prefer to harass journalists and bloggers who write about the real extent of the threat.

Illustration: Maria Tolstova / Mediazone