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Recruitment agency Kelly Services will sell a business in the Russian Federation
20 May, 10:47
Recruitment agency Kelly Services will sell a business in the Russian Federation
A large international recruitment agency Kelly Services has decided to sell its business in Russia, there are already three candidates. According to the CEO of the company, Peter Quigley, after the sale of the business, the agency will leave the country.

According to Forbes, the company is transferring assets from international management to Russian. Management is working on a translation strategy that ensures "the security of the business and the continuation of the operations of the Russian divisions of Kelly Services".

It is not yet specified whether the business will be transferred to Russian owners. The main legal entity of the company in Russia, "Kelly Services CIA-ES", belongs to the Swiss "Kelly Services Management Sarl".

Staffing group Ancor, one of the leaders in the Russian market, did not comment on the possible purchase of the Russian business of Kelly Services or a merger with it. The source of the publication in one of the Russian recruiting companies suggests that the company can go "according to the already understandable scheme of selling or transferring the Russian part of the business to local management."

It's worth reminding that the day before, McDonald's disclosed the name of the buyer of its business in Russia - it was an oilman from Novokuznetsk, Alexander Govor, who previously managed 25 McDonald's restaurants in Siberia through the GiD company. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but the network will operate under a new brand.