Russia became the leader among European countries in the number of apartments built
20 July , 10:49
Over the past three years, more apartments have been built in Russia than in any other European country. There is one room accounted for each Russian.

According to a study by RIA Novosti, during three years, 3.3 million new apartments have been built in the country, or 227 apartments for 10 thousand people.

This is the highest among 29 European countries. It is noted that even though there are a lot of apartments under construction, but basically, they are small in size, and there are few rooms in them.

The three leaders in terms of the number of apartments built per 10 thousand of the population include, in addition to Russia, Austria - 207, as well as Kazakhstan - 181.

The top five are Finland and Ireland.

Italy is in last place - there were built 26 thousand apartments for 10 thousand of the population. In Greece, a little more - 27 thousand, and a little more in Portugal - 34 thousand.

Let us note that some Russians are ready to purchase apartments near the sea in order to spend their holidays there. Basically, this desire is expressed by Muscovites, residents of Kazan and St. Petersburg.

At the same time, a third of Russians aged 24 to 38 years do not want to buy apartments in a mortgage, regardless of their location.