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Nun-actress Yekaterina Vasilyeva directed "satanic intelligentsia" to the mines
20 September 2021, 10:38
Nun-actress Yekaterina Vasilyeva directed "satanic intelligentsia" to the mines
Photo: Ютуб
The only interview after taking the tonsure as a nun a month ago, Yekaterina Vasilyeva gave to her son, Archpriest Dmitry Roshchin, one of the most famous Moscow priests, the rector of the Church of St. Nicholas of Mirlikisky in Novy Vagankovo.

It seems that the newly made bride of Christ under the new name Vasilissa decided to burn the bridges with the past acting life and the entire intellectual class of Russia.

"Nothing worse than my life you can imagine", - says Vasilissa.

- Do you want to take all of Russia into Sharia law? - asks the son-priest

- Yes, I want, I want... - Mother-nun answers confidently.

"To the mines. The intelligentsia - to the mines. This is the hardest thing there is. Forgive me, the intelligentsia. But how much evil, how much evil did the so-called intelligentsia bring, unbelieving, proud. The more talented, the more dangerous. How many people it has led astray. The cultural intelligentsia are molesters. Molesters of people, molesters of youth", - Vasilyeva continues.

This is a very complex topic. Here is God, and there is the intelligentsia. God says:“ This is how it should be, ”the intelligentsia:“ No, this is how it should be. ”This is akin to the satanic principle. And we say:“ No, we know better, we are also creators, we are also smart, we love people, we want good, we want..."

" I can imagine what the intelligentsia will say to me now, but I don't care at all", - concludes the nun.

True, to the question of how she came to a monastic life and such radical convictions, the ex-actress could not answer anything intelligible. "God, God ..." - lamented Vasilyeva, rolling her eyes somewhere up.

By the way, sending the hated intelligentsia to the mines and mines, Vasilyeva herself moved not to a forest hermitage, but to a women's monastery located half an hour's drive from the Moscow Ring Road, which since February 2012 has been transferred to canonical subordination Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill and fully restored and equipped with money from a landlord and a developer who is building expensive cottage villages in the Naro-Fominsk district of the Moscow region. So to throw thunder and lightning at the still secular fellow citizens can be in a completely comfortable environment.

You can watch the conversation between Vasileva and her son, a priest, at this link.