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"I am Russian. To the very neck!.." What poems are taught by children in Russian schools
20 October 2020, 15:54
"I am Russian. To the very neck!.." What poems are taught by children in Russian schools
Our children are asked to learn not only what is absolutely graphomaniac, but also nationalistic poetry.

Photographer Yekaterina Rozhdestvensky (she is the daughter of the famous poet Robert Rozhdestvensky) published on her blog extremely interesting information about what, if one may say so, poetry is taught by children in Russian schools. And this with all the incredible poetic wealth of our country! Moreover, these verses must be memorized by Tatars, Jews and Yakuts ... I wonder how this kind of poetry gets into official textbooks? However, here she is, enjoy:

“A letter came from a friend...

“Katya, read it! Maybe I don't understand why. This is taught by children in grade 7.

"I am Russian! Thank God!

I am the field. Grandma's cross.

I am a hut in the Ryazan region.

I am blue. Supporting forest.

I am Russian! Right up to the neck.

Till the end of time. Through.

I am a white feather swan.

I am the warrior of the fallen bone.

No matter what sorrows fell,

I wheeze in spite of all troubles:

I am Russian! Thank God!

I am Russian. I'm so lucky!..

Let the blades of time spin

I cannot be taken away from me.

Russia, like a fortress over an abyss,

Has stood and will stand!

(Sergey Kargashin)"

Some kind of worthless, excuse me, pathos, and you can hear a ringing, echoing tenor wailing from an amateur collective farm scene in the distant 50s and, in the era of still underdeveloped communism.

To your health, I don’t mind a person speaking in rhyme, but about what? No one denies that being Russian is good, although it is doubtful that it is up to the neck. Is the author already fed up with being Russian? And why admit that he is blue? Although nowadays it is quite fashionable. And, finally, why should Russia stand over the abyss, what kind of hysteria is this? Have already stood enough, why croak further?

And it's not even about these rhetorical questions. Why teach "it" in school? Patriotic poems, say ...? Isn't it better for children to learn, say, "wait for me and I will return to all deaths to spite ..."? This is about the same thing about which the "warrior of the fallen bone" wanted to say, only ... otherwise. Why not Yevtushenko or Vysotsky, Drunin or Dementyev? What a dubious choice for schoolchildren? How can you cultivate taste like that? " - Rightly exclaims Rozhdestvenskaya, followed by almost three thousand of her readers. Here are some of the comments:

- Do you think poetry is better in elementary school ?! In general, such graphomania - you never dreamed of! I asked the teacher if I could learn something of my own - Tyutchev, Feta, Barto ... The answer was: “No, just that. Tyutkin, Zapupyrkin, Schlepelberg... ”Looks like modern poets were coughing. The rhymes are poor. And the images... Brr... We basically did not teach. Rubbish!

- After reading the first three lines of this graphomaniac nonsense, I remembered: "To be proud that you are Russian is the same as being proud that you were born on Tuesday..." That's because of such, forgive the expression "poets", us , Russians and are not favored by representatives of many other nationalities! It is long overdue to revise all school programs that deliberately disfigure our children!

- My extensive laboratory experience with mass taste tells me otherwise. People do not know the difference between taste and tastelessness, because they were not explained this in childhood. And in my case, we are very grateful for the clear and inoffensive explanation of this difference. A simple analysis of this "masterpiece", made by the author of the post, will easily explain to any child why this opus is bad taste and graphomania. Children cannot be protected from meeting bad taste and obscenities or alcohol and cigarettes. This meeting needs to be supervised by trusted adults who will explain why you shouldn't use it all in your own life.

- They taught in the USSR all the polls, "Read, envy! I am a citizen of the Soviet Union". The author, of course, is a talent, but the pathos in these trousers of a citizen is no less...

"Russiyushka is an endless mother,

Forests in it, and rivers, and mountains,

Oh god, but it turns out I'm Russian

To the eyeballs and beyond..."