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Marvel superheroes were replaced by Kadyrov at children's center in Chechnya
20 November 2020, 20:58
Marvel superheroes were replaced by Kadyrov at children's center in Chechnya
In a children's play center in the Chechen city of Kurchaloy, the faces of superheroes from Marvel comics on the walls were replaced with the faces of national heroes after a remark by the head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov.

Now on the walls instead of Captain America, Thor and Iron Man - Ramzan Kadyrov himself, his father, the first President of Chechnya Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov and other national leaders, in particular Sheikh Mansur, Beibulat Taymiev and Baysangur Benoevsky - heroes of the Caucasian War of the late XVIII-XIX centuries, write RIA Novosti. The opening of the center took place on Friday, November 20. The opening was attended by the head of the republic himself.

Kadyrov paid a visit to the center on the eve of its opening on Monday. The head of Chechnya was outraged by the images of superheroes on the walls. “We need to remove it”, - he said, adding that instead of fictional characters, it would be better to place the faces of real Chechen heroes, from which, according to him, children should follow an example.

Akhmat-Khadzhi Kadyrov is the first president of Chechnya. He died during a terrorist attack at the Victory Parade in Grozny in 2004.

Sheikh Mansur is an Islamic preacher, the first imam of the North Caucasus. Beibulat Taimiev is a participant in the Caucasian War. Baysangur Benoevsky - commander, naib of Imam Shamil.

Earlier, the authorities of Dagestan instructed to replace all English-language signs in the region with “Derbent Lights” or “Dagestan Dawn”. The interim head of the republic, Sergei Melikov, banned the use of the Latin alphabet in outdoor advertising, including the names of the store, since, in his opinion, “all the evil comes from the West”.