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Moscow - 2024: how to survive the winter and increase the age of survival (dystopia)
20 November 2020, 20:15
Moscow - 2024: how to survive the winter and increase the age of survival (dystopia)
Some of the dystopian sketch of the life of the capital in 2024 written back in 2014 begins to come true today

The famous Russian doctor and popular blogger Andrey Volna, looking at the rapidly changing reality, recalled his post published six years ago - in 2014, in which he tried to imagine our country in 10 years - in 2024. Six years have passed since then, and four are left until the cherished date. That is, less than half, and therefore it is already possible to compare the situation described at that time and which seemed completely utopian with the present one. The doctor himself believes that he then exaggerated something, predicted something, and underestimated a lot...

“December 2024 turned out to be snowy in Moscow. Old-timers say (and this is the most reliable way to find out anything; statistics mentions only what the Leader wants to see; everyone knows this) that the last such winter was in 93-94, even before the forced limitation of the survival time.

Deserted Leningradka road, slightly grunting at an invisible bend, flowed into the equally deserted Tverskaya. And recently there were traffic jams... Well, as recently. Five or six years at most. Just when the forced limitation of the time of survival was introduced. Oh, how it's snowing!

Now no one drives. Well, except THESE ONES, of course. And not only because parking is prohibitively expensive. They have not made money on this for a long time. Only THESE can park. They are the residents. Others were evicted. But, most of the residents left by themselves, when for all permanent residents in the center (except for THESE), a minus in the survival time was introduced. Minus two years, I think. Or one and a half? It's important anyway. Especially for us reaching the 62.5 limit is important.

I'm on my way. Snowing... The wipers of my old, still pre-reform Mercedes, ate manage. I urgently, before the twenty-first, need to take from the only clinic in the center of Moscow - the Institute of Neurosurgery - a certificate stating that I spent a year doing community work in their intensive care unit. This certificate will increase the survival time by 6 months, which means that I will be able to get to my son's wedding. I can! The queue for the wedding is very long now. There was nothing before. But, as they began to confiscate children born out of wedlock, and at the same time limited the number of weddings, so the queue as much as 17 years, they say, stretched out. But my son managed to submit... Oh, how I want to get to the wedding! If only to extend the survival time ...

Pancake! Well, this is it. The inscription flashed: “You have crossed the solid electronic line of the marking. $ 170 fine. Payment in rubles". How did they get it! Nobody cleans the roads. And the point is that, to clean, the electronic marking lines do not always coincide with those drawn...

On the other hand, it is good that all cars are now equipped not only with tracking systems, but also with payment terminals. I exceeded the speed, crossed the continuous marking line, did not stop at the stop line - no need to wait and check the mailbox or SMS there all sorts. Bang for you - and then a fine. The scoreboard lights up. Immediately in the car with a card or smartphone, or an individual chip and paid. And all the cases. I remember that the deputy, the leader of Fair Russia, handsome, old and gray-haired, said: “You need to electronically block the engine start until the fine is paid !!!” Idiot. And how to replenish the treasury if the car is stopped? After all, nothing else travels or works in the country. It's good that the Leader pulled him back in time. Let them go !, says. Only now the car must emit an electronic signal so that every policeman knows that a friend has not paid a fine on this car. So that he could stop, talk, what, what for, what a fine, but is there a first-aid kit and 90% of drugs from the conditional Pharmstandard in it, as expected. THAT is how many holes in the license are typed, and when the insurance ends. Come on! It's humane. I always cry right away. Parked. Chip activated, put his finger on, hop - the money was written off. Everything is ready. Then I can go with a clear conscience. Everything is calculated ... Wow! I didn't think so. And if my survival time is really extended ?! And I'll get to my son's wedding? I didn’t put off the gift, I didn’t hope. No, enough! It is necessary to walk. On foot. On foot is harder to break. The main thing is to cross at working traffic lights. And, exactly in the center. Exactly in the center of the transition. And run. No electronics will catch. Exactly!"


In the comments, readers added this eerie picture:

- And the obligatory postscript to the temple (mosque). From birth. And an automatic electronic recorder of the number of bows made per week. The MFC will give email at birth. certificate of religion for participation in online registration for Sunday prayer or christening.

- Books will be banned from reading, except for propaganda brochures. We will wear a uniform uniform. Oh, not to dream up inadvertently! Terrible prospect!

- Here North Korea will seem like paradise...