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Russia proposes to introduce "golden passports"
20 November 2020, 09:13
Russia proposes to introduce "golden passports"
Photo: dp.ru
The Ministry of Economic Development proposed to issue residence permits to foreigners in a simplified manner in exchange for investments. To do this, foreign citizens will need to meet at least one of a number of established criteria.

This is reported by Izvestia, referring to the bill prepared by the department.

Among the conditions offered to foreigners by the ministry for the simplified receipt of a residence permit in the Russian Federation included the ownership of a Russian company (with an investment of at least 15 million rubles in its capital), ownership of a foreign company and investment of 50 million rubles (the enterprise must work at least three years), investment of 15 million rubles in Russian business (the company must operate for at least three years, pay taxes for at least 6 million rubles and employ at least 25 people). In addition, you can apply for Russian citizenship by opening an individual entrepreneur, investing 10 million rubles in it and hiring 10 citizens of the Russian Federation, or by owning Russian government bonds or real estate worth 30 million rubles three years before applying for a residence permit.

At the same time, the explanatory note notes that in conditions of competition with developed foreign countries for investors, businessmen and specialists, it is necessary to create the most favorable conditions for them.

“The granting of a residence permit should be an incentive for foreign citizens interested in investing in our economy, but not create false preconditions for obtaining a migration status”, - says First Deputy Minister of Economy Mikhail Babich.

Earlier, we recall, the State Duma approved in the first reading the bill of the President of the Russian Federation, according to which military personnel, FSB officers and federal officials should not have not only dual citizenship, but even a residence permit in another country.

By the way, during the period of forced self-isolation, Russians generally grew more interested in dual citizenship. The demand for programs that allow you to obtain a residence permit from a foreign state this spring has increased by 20%.