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In Yakutia, frosts were recorded at around -58 degrees
21 January 2021, 09:27
In Yakutia, frosts were recorded at around -58 degrees
- 58 degrees showed today the thermometer in Yakutia at the Khabardino meteorological station. According to official data, the thermometer did not reach -60.

According to the Yakut hydrometeorological center, in Dzhalinda, Olenka, Chernyshevsky, Nyurba and Mirny the temperature was recorded less than 50 degrees.

Forecasters promise that in the coming days in parts of the central and Vilyui regions, the temperature will not rise above 57 degrees at night, and during the day it will be up to minus 53 degrees.

At the same time, information appears in social networks that the thermometer in the republic has dropped to -60 in some areas. However, this has not been officially recorded, said Tatyana Marshalik, deputy head of the Yakut administration for hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring.

"We have certified equipment and we carry out supervision according to all standards. Information is spread on social networks that somewhere residents have recorded the lowest possible temperature. Our weather booths are located in certain places, at a height of two meters from the ground, protected from wind and solar heating. That is, all the conditions have been met for the thermometers to show the true temperature. At the moment, temperatures below -60 degrees in Yakutia have not been recorded. The lowest temperature so far is -58", she said.

According to the expert, this winter an "interesting phenomenon" was recorded in Yakutia.

"On January 1-2, the city of Yakutsk was divided into two parts: the temperature on Gimein was -32 degrees, sunny, without fog, and at the airport it was -44. Within a day and a half, the difference between the two observation points was 12 degrees", - Tatyana Marshalik pointed out, specifying that there are two meteorological stations in Yakutsk - in Gimeniye and the airport.

The closed days (when school classes are canceled due to unfavorable weather conditions) have already been announced in 401 schools. Thus, the Ministry of Education of Yakutia specifies that four thousand 691 classes are being taught remotely.