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The web is wondering why Sergey Markov, a patient with coronavirus, flew in an airplane?
21 October 2020, 16:00
The web is wondering why Sergey Markov, a patient with coronavirus, flew in an airplane?
Kremlin political scientist Sergey Markov admitted on air that he flew from Yalta to Moscow with symptoms of coronavirus infection

Political analyst Sergei Markov made a cynical confession on the air of the Echo of Moscow radio. When the host asked how he was allowed to enter the airport and the plane in Crimea with signs of illness, which he himself already knew very well, he answered with unrivaled frankness:

“Yes, the mayor of Yalta has died there from covid. Unfortunately, I think the measures there are bad. Nowhere was my temperature checked. Neither the entrance to the airport, nor the entrance to the plane..."

In this regard, one cannot but ask Markov the following question: since you felt sick, why didn’t you go straight to the Yalta hospital?

Exactly the same question is asked in his blog by the publicist Ilya Vaitsman:

“No, well, that the well-known propagandist Markov is not a beacon of reason and decency, I am already aware of it, but there is no limit to perfection. In an abomination too.

Having got sick with something with symptoms of covid-19 during a conference in Yalta - Sergey Markov, without warning any of his colleagues (and he had already spread the infection, as we know about this disease), rushed ... no, we didn't guess, not to hospital. I went to the airport, got on a plane and "with three masks" (this is a lie, you cannot breathe through them) for three hours flew to Moscow, spreading the infection among unsuspecting passengers. In Moscow, the infection was confirmed, Serezhenka was hospitalized and pumped out - but how many people did he put under attack?

Irresponsibility is on the brink, and maybe beyond a crime. In my opinion, it deserves the name "bioterrorism", what do you think?"

In the comments, readers did not hold back their emotions:

- And how he beautifully emphasized that he took a plane ticket for his own money and hired a taxi at his own expense. I counted and emphasized everything!

- Will there be at least someone who will try to solder the criminal for him...

- I ran to Moscow. Knows the situation with medicine in the regions. Moreover, in the Crimea!