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December 31 is declared a non-working day in St. Petersburg
21 December 2020, 20:02
December 31 is declared a non-working day in St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg became another city, where December 31 was declared a day off. The working day has been moved from this day to Saturday, December 26.

The corresponding order to postpone the working day was signed on Monday by the governor of the city Alexander Beglov. All civil servants of the city will have a day off on December 31st. The governor also recommended to move the working day to December 26 to private companies.

Earlier, after surveys of residents in the regions, a non-working day on December 31 was announced in 32 more Russian regions. In Moscow, the last day of the year is still a working day. Next year it is also planned to make the last day of the year non-working. LDPR deputies proposed to make this day a day off officially on a permanent basis, but the State Duma did not support this initiative .

The Russians themselves support the official day off on this day only half. Every second person thinks that on this day the mood is no longer working, and most of the company only works until noon. The same number of Russians think that there are too many holidays in Russia, so there is no need to introduce an additional day off on December 31, especially since this day will have to be worked out anyway.