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Irkutsk covid hospitals return to providing routine medical care
21 December 2020, 13:45
Irkutsk covid hospitals return to providing routine medical care
Photo: irkobl.ru
Medical autonomous non-profit organization "Diagnostic and Treatment Center" and the center of medical rehabilitation "Bagulnik" in Angarsk, previously redesigned for covid hospitals, switched to a planned regime of medical care. This was reported on the official portal of the Irkutsk region.

In addition, in the regional oncological dispensary, State clinical hospital No. 5 of Bratsk, State clinical hospital No. 6 of Irkutsk, the number of beds for patients with coronavirus has been reduced. Thus, in the Irkutsk region 5,215 beds remain in 54 medical organizations for patients with COVID-19. According to the governor Igor Kobzev, this is enough to "close all daily admissions of patients and have a 20% supply".

“Thus, we are gradually starting to provide planned assistance. This is especially important for patients at an oncological dispensary. We returned 55 beds of the dispensary to the provision of specialized medical care”, - said the head of the Irkutsk region.

At the same time, Kobzev recalled the need to reduce mortality from coronavirus. For this, it was decided to allocate funds from the regional budget for the purchase of expensive drugs necessary for the treatment of severe patients in hospitals.

The portal medirk.ru has also been launched, where residents of Irkutsk can find out the results of testing for coronavirus.