No masks, no money: in Belgorod, ambulance drivers are not considered to be at risk
22 April , 18:36
According to the regional authorities, ambulance drivers are not at risk while working in an epidemic circumstances.

How Russian officials really treat those who work in the thickest of the coronavirus infection - the ambulance drivers, tells and shows, for example, the channel Belhorod No. 1, and, by the way, not for the first time:

"If I lied even a bit - let the competent authorities deal with me"

At the previous time the authorities of the Belgorod region as well as the president, obviously, did not hear ambulance drivers from Stary Oskol. Therefore, they turned again - this time to all of us.

Ambulance driver Valery Roshchupkin spoke about coronavirus everyday life: how the teams are not paid, how they receive a one-time mask for 12 hours and how they are refused to pass the tests for Covid-19 - so that supposedly, the drivers are not at risk.

And who then are at this risk, huh? Hey, Department of health?! - the journalists ask.

True, a few hours after this publication it became known that the Department of Health of the Belgorod Region began checking on all the facts stated by the ambulance driver in Stary Oskol.