National Security Agency of Ukraine detained the ex-security officer on charges of the murder of Zakharchenko
23 July , 13:51
National Security Agency of Ukraine has detained a former law enforcement officer Andrey Baydala, who is accused of illegal arms handling. In the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, he is accused of involvement in the murder of Alexander Zakharchenko, the first head of the DPR.

Investigators charge the arrested person with Part 2 of Art. 28 and h. 1 of Art. 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - illegal handling of weapons and ammunition committed by a group of persons. Now Baydala is placed in custody, reports IA UNN.

Let us remind you that Alexander Zakharchenko died in an explosion at the Separ cafe in Donetsk on August 31, 2018. The republic accused Baidala of giving the order for the murder.

Earlier, the special services of Donbass announced the National Security Agency of Ukraine was involved in the assassination attempt. According to an employee of the DPR special services, the assistant to the head of the fifth department, Sergey Motorin, who served in Slavyansk, was involved in the murder of Zakharchenko.