St. Petersburg authorities announced the second wave of coronavirus
23 October 2020, 09:03
The Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, Oleg Ergashev, said that the number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 had increased significantly compared to the summer.

"We can talk about a kind of second wave, but I want to say that currently we have 15% of free beds, the city is coping with the situation. We keep the required capacity. So far, we are in no hurry to introduce reserve hospitals”, - the official said on the air of the Saint Petersburg TV channel.

Ergashev also noted that we can talk about a significant increase in the incidence rate compared to the summer of 2020, since the official number of detected cases of coronavirus was much less.

The media reported that the temporary "covid" hospital located in the Lenexpo is not working now. According to officials, it does not have a medical license, but according to citizens, the glass pavilions of the exhibition center are simply unsuitable for finding patients in them during the winter.

Let us note that currently 2,844 St. Petersburg residents are under medical supervision for covid. 68 of them are in the observatory.

Meanwhile, the authorities say that there will be a strict quarantine in the country. On the eve, Russian President Vladimir Putin reassured entrepreneurs, announcing that the government has no plans for total quarantine. Earlier it was reported that the authorities are not going to introduce a non-working week regime, as it was done in April.