4.6 million: WHO again announced record rates of infected with covid
23 December 2020, 09:26
Photo: mayaksbor.ru
Over the past week, another record for coronavirus infection was set in the world. According to estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO), covid has been found in over 4.6 million people, which is 6% more than the previous figure.

"The number of new cases of COVID-19 and deaths rose again last week - by 6% and 4%, respectively", - said the WHO representative.

In the United States, among other countries, the weekly growth rates of covid-infected people remain the highest - plus 1.6 million or 14%, followed by Brazil with 326 thousand new patients and an increase of 8%, then Turkey (where, we recall , a curfew was introduced and entertainment programs were prohibited in hotels for the New Year) - 194 cases, plus 11%. Russia is in fourth place with an indicator of 194 thousand infected per week, or plus 18%.

Experts note that the countries of America have the largest proportion of cases of infection, and Europe has the most deaths.

WHO indicates that more than 75 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported worldwide. More than 1.6 million patients with diagnosed covid have died.

Let us recall that in Russia, against the background of the pandemic, the mortality rate exceeded the record figure of a decade.