A participant of the "Battle of paranormalists" tried to expel demons from a child
23 December 2020, 15:21
Photo: инстаграм Ирины Игнатенко
Irina Ignatenko faces punishment for fraud and torture.

The activities of one of the participants in the TV show "Battle of paranormalists" came to the attention of the Investigative Committee. The authorities became interested in the video that got into the network with the participation of 30-year-old Irina Ignatenko, who performed an exorcism ritual with the participation of a child allegedly possessed by demons, Radio Sputnik reports.

The footage shows how two adults, probably parents, press the escaping child to the floor, while Ignatenko puts on a black glove and demands his name. Then the "besogonka" covers the screaming and wriggling baby's face with her hand and begins to fumigate him with smoke.

According to Ksenia Mishonova, Ombudsman for Children's Rights in the Moscow Region, an investigation has already begun in the case. Adult participants in the ceremony are threatened with punishment under the articles "Torture" and "Failure to fulfill the duties of raising a minor", and Ignatenko, who takes a fee for her experiments, probably also with the article "Fraud".

Photo:инстаграм Ирины Игнатенко

As for the “sorceress,” she commented on the situation as follows: “I am very sorry that today many obsessed people are guests of psychiatric clinics. We have forgotten the basics, we have forgotten the roots... By means of impulses, impact on certain nerve endings, vocal cords, it is possible to heal a person. In occultism this is called demonicism".

Irina Ignatenko took part in the filming of several seasons of the show "Battle of paranormalists", but each time she dropped out before the final.