The government allocated 18.5 billion rubles for the payments to families with small children
24 July , 20:42
Another 18.5 billion rubles were allocated by the government for monthly payments for families with children from three to seven years old who need support. This was announced by the country's Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

According to him, those families in which the income per person is not higher than the subsistence level can count on payments. Such families, depending on the region, will receive an average of 5.5 thousand rubles per month for each child. The authorities expect to support up to three million children with payments.

"By the end of the year, the government plans to allocate about 135.5 billion rubles from the federal budget for these purposes", - Mishustin said at a government meeting on Friday.

Families with children have previously received additional support during the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. In June and July, families with children from three to 16 years old received a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles for each child. Moreover, the payment does not depend on the income of the family or on whether one of the parents lost their job during the period of self-isolation. Families with children under three years of age from April receive 5,000 rubles for each child. Earlier, Mishustin noted that the government allocated more than 270 billion rubles for these purposes.