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"Disabled for a long time": Cinema for Peace foundation made a forecast of Navalny's state
24 August 2020, 09:44
"Disabled for a long time": Cinema for Peace foundation made a forecast of Navalny's state
Photo: js-studio.ru
Oppositionist Alexey Navalny may drop out of the active political life for one or two months, says the head of the Cinema for Peace Foundation Yaka Bizil (pictured). The Foundation organized the transportation of the oppositionist from Omsk to Berlin, Bizil paid for the flight.

Navalny's spokesman, Kira Yarmysh, says that reliable information about the politician's health can only come from the clinic's staff or from herself.

Earlier, the media, referring to Bizil, reported that Navalny would “survive” the poisoning, but would remain “incapacitated” for a long time. The period of incapacity was indicated as two months.

Bizil himself explained that he drew such conclusions based on the experience of hospitalization in the German capital of the publisher of Mediazona, Pyotr Verzilov, whom, like Navalny, the foundation brought from Russia to Germany for treatment.

I said that I expected, as with Pyotr Verzilov, that he would be incapacitated for a month or two. I compared how it was with Pyotr Verzilov, - quotes RIA Novosti the words of Bizil.

A spokesman for Navalny, in turn, said that verified information about Navalny's condition and what to expect can only be obtained from the doctors of the clinic where he is now, or from her.

Let us recall that on August 20, the plane on which the oppositionist was flying urgently landed in Omsk, as Navalny became ill during the flight. He was admitted to the city hospital, after which he fell into a coma. Doctors called poisoning a possible cause of the patient's condition. The hospital management emphasized that they did not find any poisons in Navalny's body.

Germany sent a special plane for the oppositionist to take Navalny to a German clinic for treatment, but Russian doctors said he was not transportable. Nevertheless, on August 22, the plane with Navalny on board nevertheless took off and arrived in Berlin.