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Remote workers will not be fired for drunkenness
24 September 2020, 09:32
Remote workers will not be fired for drunkenness
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For the remote work it is proposed not to apply the rule of dismissal for appearing at the workplace in a state of alcoholic, drug or other toxic intoxication. It will not be easy for an employer to prove the fact of intoxication. You can say goodbye to an employee if a person does not get in touch for a long time.

According to the current version of the amendments to the bill on teleworking, an employee cannot be fired because of alcohol consumption, Izvestia reports.

- If you try to resolve this issue, you need to allow the employer access to the apartment - so it will be possible to fix that the person is drunk. Moreover, it is necessary to bring in fellow witnesses, which would not be a problem in the office, - explained Alexander Safonov, vice-rector of the Financial University under the government, adding that such a procedure contradicts the constitutional law on the inviolability of housing.

For absenteeism, in his usual sense, it will also not be possible to dismiss. But if an employee does not get in touch during the working day or shift, this may become the basis for dismissal on the initiative of the employer.

Note that employers will be able to transfer employees to teleworking even if such an opportunity is not spelled out in the employment contract. The Ministry of Labor indicated that it is enough for the employer to create an appropriate decree, which will list the working conditions, including the start and end of the working day.

The authorities are also considering the issue of including northern allowances in the bill on teleworking.

Let us remind you that the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FITU / FNPR) proposed to introduce a remote text into the Labor Code.