Russia has moved to the third place in terms of the daily increase in the incidence of covid
24 November 2020, 09:39
Russia ranked third in the world in terms of the daily increase in COVID-19 infected. The first and second places are taken by the USA and India.

According to, 504 thousand new cases of covid disease were registered in the world yesterday, 172 thousand of which were in the United States, 37 thousand in India, and 25 thousand in Russia. This is a record increase in the daily morbidity for the Russian Federation over the entire period of the pandemic.

In terms of the number of deaths per day, the United States is in first place - 972 infected people died there in 24 hours, Italy, where 630 citizens died from coronavirus per day, and France, with 500 deaths from covid.

In total, 59.5 million cases have been identified in the world today. 1.4 million people died. 41 million patients recovered and were discharged from medical institutions.

Russia continues to update its own maximums of the daily increase in the number of cases. However, there is no official talk about the second wave of the disease in the country. However, in all regions there is a mandatory mask mode from October 28, and bars and restaurants are closed after 23:00. In Buryatia, the first Russian region, a two-week quarantine was again introduced from November 16.