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The peak of voluntary layoffs was detected in the summer and autumn
24 November 2021, 10:38
The peak of voluntary layoffs was detected in the summer and autumn
In the second and third quarters of this year, Russia recorded record numbers of layoffs due to staff reductions.

As follows from a survey conducted by HeadHunter, the results of which are cited by RIA Novosti, in the summer and autumn there was a peak of employee layoffs of their own free will. Basically, employees left enterprises and organizations due to personal dissatisfaction with wages, the atmosphere in the team, management, etc.

Generally, employees of sales departments wrote applications for dismissal - 68%, representatives of tourism, automobile business and catering - 64% each . Young specialists were the least likely to say goodbye to work - 49% and security officers - 50%.

The share of voluntary layoffs was 61% in the second and 59% in the third quarters. These are the highest rates in the entire history of observations. At the same time, the record decline showed staff reductions as the reason for dismissal. In the second and third quarters of last year, it accounted for 20% of layoffs in the country, this year - only 7% . This is the lowest rate since 2015.

However, of those who did get laid off, most of all bank employees - 17% , representatives of the security sector - 14% , installation and service, procurement - 13% . The reduction of education workers - 5% , medicine - 4% and young specialists - 3% affected the least.

During the year, the share of layoffs for violation of labor discipline also decreased. If in the first half of last year it was 1% , now it is 0.4%.

Earlier, Russians cited conflicts with colleagues as the main reason for layoffs. By the way, 13% of employers intend to break off working relations with employees.