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German carpenter showed his apartment where Putin lived
25 January 2021, 09:11
German carpenter showed his apartment where Putin lived
Photo: bild.de
Joiner Jörg Hofmann showed an apartment in Dresden, in which from 1985 to 1991 Vladimir Putin lived.

According to the newspaper Bild, whose journalists were the first to be in Putin's former apartment, the Russian president lived there with his wife and children from autumn 1985 to March 1991, while serving in the KGB. A three-room apartment is located on the fourth floor of a panel building. Its area is 66 sq. m.

When the Putin family returned to the USSR, Hofmann drove into this apartment. According to the carpenter, the current president of Russia personally gave him the keys. There was dark Russian furniture everywhere, as well as typical GDR aluminum wallpaper and cream-colored carpet, says Hofmann. He paid DEM 94.90 for her rent.

The carpenter complains that buses with Russian tourists often stop at the house where Putin used to live, because they think there is a museum of the president there.