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Banks complained about the difficulties of blocking transfers of online casinos
25 August 2021, 10:31
Banks complained about the difficulties of blocking transfers of online casinos
Russian banks have asked Roskomnadzor to provide them with access to the domain name registry in order to be able to automatically check customer sites and identify illegal online casinos. In the meantime, credit organizations are forced to check clients for involvement in illegal business only in a "manual" mode.

As follows from the letter of the National Council of the Financial Market (NSFM) to the vice-speaker of the Federation Council Nikolay Zhuravlev, banks are asking for revision of the legislation in order to be able to access the register of organizations whose activities are prohibited in Russia.

We are talking about Law No. 115, which prohibits banks from accepting for service or making payments on behalf of companies if their website is included in such a register. As a reminder, it also includes addresses of online casinos. Banks, on the other hand, can only form individual requests in order to find out about the presence of the client's site in the list. The deputy head of the NSFR Alexander Naumov pointed out that the difficulty lies in the fact that legal entity clients are not "tied" to specific sites.

"How can a bank identify an organization by a domain name? The bank works with clients who have a name, who have registration codes, and by the domain name, you may not find an organization at all. It turns out that this information will have to be separately requested from the client, but how then to check its reliability is a question", - RBC quotes the words of the expert.

In his opinion, the banking systems need to be integrated with the registry. Or you need to send a request, for example, according to the company's TIN, to the register. However, today banks do not have such an opportunity. Note that recently the Central Bank revoked licenses from a number of banks for settlements in illegal casinos. We are talking about RFI-Bank , RIB , Onego, Fintech and a number of others.