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The number of victims of coronavirus in Russia per day again exceeded 800 people
25 August 2021, 15:01
The number of victims of coronavirus in Russia per day again exceeded 800 people
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Over the past day, 809 people have died from coronavirus in Russia, which is almost 2% more than the day before. The number of infected is also growing.

According to the headquarters, another 19,536 people fell ill with covid in Russia per day. This is 3.73% more than the day before (18,833). In total, 6,804,910 people have been infected since the beginning of the pandemic.

Most of all cases in Moscow and St. Petersburg - 1402 and 1385 cases, respectively. This is followed by the Moscow, Sverdlovsk and Rostov regions - 776, 527 and 482 cases, respectively.

“During the day, 809 patients died in Russia, which is 1.89% more than the day before (794). The total number of deaths reached 178,423", - Kommersant reports.

Earlier it became known that over the year the cost of treating one covid-patient in hospitals in the country has risen in price from 115 to 135.4 thousand rubles, and in the capital the costs increased to 200 thousand rubles.

This is due to the fact that for the treatment of covid patients, additional consumables, medicines, and staff salaries are required at increased rates.

Experts explain the increase in the cost of treatment by inflation, as well as the emergence of new, more severe strains, in which more effort, time and resources are required to save each patient.

More than 43 million people have been vaccinated against covid in the country. To encourage residents to vaccinate, the authorities decided to give away cash prizes of 100 thousand rubles among the population. The prizes will be distributed this fall by a random sample among the users of the portal of public services who have been vaccinated.