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Anna Duritskaya described how Boris Nemtsov was killed
25 November 2020, 12:03
Anna Duritskaya described how Boris Nemtsov was killed
Photo: Facebook
Model Anna Duritskaya, who was on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge next to opposition politician Boris Nemtsov at the time of his murder, spoke about the first minutes after the shots.

Talking to journalist Dmitry Gordon, Duritskaya said that when she walked alongside Nemtsov across the bridge, she heard six clapping and thought it was fireworks.

“And when I felt that Boris grabbed my hand, I realized that they were shooting at him. But when I turned around, I saw only a gray car flying away with fleeting speed!", - quotes the words of the witness Rain.

Duritskaya said that she sat down with Boris and could not believe in the plausibility of what was happening.

“And until recently, I thought that it was someone's cruel joke: he was simply shot in the leg, and he would remain alive. But I saw him choking and trying to cough, but his mouth was already bleeding”, - recalled Boris Nemtsov's companion.

In panic, Duritskaya turned to the victim of the assassination attempt with the question of what to do. But Boris could no longer speak. When the girl saw a snowblower standing next to her, she ran to the driver and asked to call an ambulance. However, the driver for some reason did not react to her words: he just stood idly and silently smoked. Then Duritskaya herself called emergency services.

According to the witness, immediately after the shots, a man approached Boris and “looked at his phone and documents”. Anna turned to him for help, asked him to call doctors, but he also did not do this. According to the memoirs of Nemtsov's friend, the unknown did not speak to her at all.

“I remember that he did not speak to me. I asked him. And since I really lost the power of speech, I was so shocked that I could not even speak on the phone with an ambulance - I tried to ask him to call the police or an ambulance, but he was also silent", - recalls Anna Duritskaya.

After the murder of Boris Nemtsov, Anna was interrogated all night, and then for three more days in a row. In her opinion, all sorts of absurd versions, involving murder out of jealousy and similar ideas, were invented by the security forces solely to divert attention from what actually happened.

Boris Nemtsov was shot in the back late in the evening on February 27, 2015, on the bridge opposite the Kremlin. According to the investigation, Nemtsov was followed for a long time, studying in detail all his routes. By a strange coincidence, the cameras in the area of the bridge were turned off at the time of the murder. Five perpetrators were convicted of the contract murder of Nemtsov: Zaur Dadaev, Anzor and Shadid Gubashevs, Khamzat Bakhaev and Temirlan Eskerkhanov. The court did not name the customer. Two alleged accomplices in the crime - Beslan Shavanov and Ruslan Geremeev - escaped punishment.

In memory of Boris Nemtsov, supporters proposed to rename the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge to Nemtsov Bridge, but the Moscow authorities rejected this proposal. The people's memorial on the bridge dedicated to Nemtsov, which has existed for 2098 days, is regularly ravaged by representatives of public utilities. Activists have to arrange regular shifts on the bridge in order to preserve the memory of the shot opposition politician.