Roscosmos demands more than 4.7 billion rubles from the Progress missile space center
25 December 2020, 09:11
The state corporation "Rosсosmos" has filed a lawsuit against the rocket and space center "Progress", the amount of claims for which exceeds 4.7 billion rubles. The claim has not been accepted for consideration to date.

This became known from the filing cabinet of the Arbitration Court. However, the essence of the claims is not disclosed in the card.

Recall that the Progress RCC produces Soyuz carrier rockets. The enterprise (like TsNIIMash - Central Research Institute for General Machine Building, the head scientific institute of Roscosmos) was included on December 21 by the US Department of Commerce in the sanctions list of companies cooperating with the military. At the same time, the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the sanctions threaten the programs of the International Space Station and sent a letter to the head of NASA, Jim Bidenstine.

Let us note that at the end of November it became known about one more claim against the Progress missile space center. We are talking about the demand of the Ministry of Defense to collect from the rocket and space center an amount of about two billion rubles.