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The expert predicted a halving of the incidence of covid in the spring
26 January 2021, 09:14
The expert predicted a halving of the incidence of covid in the spring
By mid-spring, the incidence and mortality rates from coronavirus may halve. According to the expert on statistics and modeling at the Center for Economic Research Aghasi Tavadyan.

According to this, the incidence rate and the number of deaths associated with covid will decrease until mid-April.

"Indicators can be cut in half. However, further a spike in incidence is possible in connection with a natural spring peak", - the expert's warning RIA Novosti reports.

According to the specialist, the situation may improve significantly very soon, but vaccination, even taking into account its massive start, is going slower than sOVID-19 is spreading. According to Tavadyan, general vaccination is necessary to completely level the virus and prevent a new wave of the disease.

It's worth reminding that last fall, Tavadyan predicted a decline in the incidence of coronavirus infection at the end of November. At the same time, he clarified that later those regions where the epidemiological situation is difficult will reach the plateau. Then it was about St. Petersburg, the Moscow region, the Komi Republic, Crimea, Tatarstan, the Kaliningrad region.

Now, we note, the authorities of St. Petersburg have announced that the peak incidence of COVID-19 has not yet been passed, although the hospitalization rate for adult patients has decreased by 5%.

The day before, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Russia is beginning to stabilize, so that restrictive measures can be gradually lifted.