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WHO: the first wave of coronavirus will have an “immediate second peak”
26 May 2020, 10:21
WHO: the first wave of coronavirus will have an “immediate second peak”
Photo: zen.yandex.ru
If quarantine restrictions are lifted too soon, countries where the spread of coronavirus is on the decline will risk of facing an "immediate second peak" in the epidemic.

This was stated by Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergencies Program.

According to the expert, now the world is in the middle of the first wave of a pandemic. He noted that it is risky to assume that the epidemic could become seasonal.

- It’s risky to think that the infection is on the decline, and the next dangerous moment will come in October or November, - Ryan said.

He cited the example of countries in Central and South America and Africa, where the number of detected cases continues to grow. The expert emphasized that they need to monitor the transmission routes of the coronavirus. Recall that in Brazil, the number of infections with SCHVID-19 increased sharply, moving the country to second place in terms of the number of infected. Today in the country 363 427 cases are registered.

Ryan called South America "the new epicenter of the disease", indicating that Brazil has become "the most affected country". At the same time, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaru ignores the recommendations of both WHO and its Ministry of Health on the need to maintain social distance.

Now in the world more than five million cases of infection with a new coronavirus infection have been identified. More than 340 thousand people died from the disease.