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Three thousand trucks accumulated on the border with Georgia
26 May, 11:05
Three thousand trucks accumulated on the border with Georgia
About three thousand trucks have accumulated at the Verkhny Lars international automobile checkpoint on the Russian-Georgian border. They have to deliver goods from Georgia, Armenia and Turkey. Downtime makes carriers lose 600-700 euros per day for each car.

According to Vedomosti, citing Evgeny Dyatlov, head of the procurement department for international transportation of FM Logistic in Russia, such a problem has been observed in Upper Lars for several months, and the average waiting time for travel reaches about 30-40 days.

This checkpoint was closed last month due to heavy rains, the last time it was closed from 6 to 8 May. Because of this, a line of five thousand trucks formed from the Russian side. According to the Federal Customs Service, about 1,800 trucks can pass through the crossing per day.

Previously , it was said that there were no problems with the passage of cars.

Recall that on May 17, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on lifting restrictions on traveling to Georgia by car - the ban has been in effect since March 2020 due to the pandemic.