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With a cross and a grenade: why do the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church hold military sports competitions?
26 May, 12:04
With a cross and a grenade: why do the dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church hold military sports competitions?
Photo: РПЦ
Instead of preaching Christian peace and love, Orthodox priests organize very strange events.

Ivan Zubov

In the history of the Christian Church there have been so many monstrous deviations from the gospel teaching that the next one is not even surprising. And yet, it is worth noting, because instead of its main mission - peacekeeping - the ROC, for the sake of the political situation, act in direct contradiction to the commandments of Christ.

So, for example, on May 20, the missionary department of the Uvarov diocese, in cooperation with the Uvarov military-patriotic club Scout 345 (!) and the Cossacks Stanitsa Uvarovskaya, held a military sports game "For Faith and Fatherland" in the village of Staraya Olshanka, Uvarov District.

And then, on May 21, the Vladimir diocese organized the Holy Warrior competition at the local Torpedo football stadium.

Particularly noteworthy is the composition of the participants in this anti-Christian action: 19 teams from different cities of the region, as well as students of the All-Russian Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service (!) and representatives of the special detachment of the Federal Penitentiary Service "Monomakh" (!).

No less curious is the list of disciplines in which the participants of the "Holy Warrior" competed: assembly and disassembly of the machine gun, grenade throwing, relay race and pull-ups on the crossbar.

Well, the enumeration of prizes will also not leave indifferent fans of postmodern paradoxes: the winners received tickets to a culinary master class, certificates to the Papa John's pizzeria and the Baskin Robbins cafe. All participants were presented with commemorative certificates, according to the website of the diocese.

This truly strange set of names is commented by the famous lawyer Alexei Fedyarov :

Stadium "Torpedo".

Holy warrior.

Inoki and the detachment of the prison special forces "Monomakh".

Throwing grenades priests and astronauts.

Kalashnikov assault rifle and cassock in the background.

Papa Johns and Baskin (sobbing) Robins is the most throwing.

I would never have thought of this.

I would never even think that I would come up with ... "

In other words: you drive globalization out the door, and it comes back out the window. And as a result, everything got mixed up in the heads of the persecutors: Christ with firearms, the Fatherland with the most popular American chain of eateries, priests and scouts ... There is a feeling of complete madness.