The deputy from Tyumen asked to "clean" the roads from the disabled and the poor people
26 June , 16:25
A deputy of the Tyumen City Duma, Alexander Zakharov, suggested that the local police clean the city of people with disabilities and beggars who are begging in the streets, saying that they make the city ugly.

“Summer begins, people with disabilities, beatings and beggars go on the road. Who collects money in this way, what kind of groups are behind this, is understandable. Need to clean up. If the president had come to us, in two days everything would have been clean here”, - writes with reference to the deputy’s words.

Earlier, the International Monetary Fund estimated that more than 100 million people worldwide could be below the poverty line because of a pandemic. The World Bank predicted that up to 60 million people will be destitute because of the epidemic. In Russia, the Ministry of Economy predicts unemployment to a historic high over the past ten years. By the end of the year, the ministry expects an increase in the number of unemployed to 5.7% throughout the country. The head of the recruitment portal Superjob, Alexei Zakharov, believes that now the real number of unemployed in the country has exceeded 10 million, by the autumn the number of Russians who have lost their jobs can double.