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"Democrats lost the elections": Trump again demands to reconsider the voting
26 November 2020, 09:16
"Democrats lost the elections": Trump again demands to reconsider the voting
Photo: ktla.com
US President Donald Trump again announced that there was a falsification during the presidential elections held on November 3. He demands to reconsider the voting results.

"This election was lost by the Democrats. They cheated. These were fraudulent elections. We have to flip the election results”, - Trump told a Republican group during a meeting in Pennsylvania.

Trump said he has the necessary evidence to change the voting results.

He believes that all it takes to review the vote is “a judge who will hear it properly”, - reports The Hill.

The President spoke to the audience by phone - he called his campaign adviser Jenn Ellis, who was present at the meeting, and she turned on the speakerphone.

According to the publication, lawsuits filed by Trump's legal team to review election results in several states have been dismissed. They recognized the victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

At the same time, on November 24, Trump ordered the General Services Administration (GSA) to “do whatever is needed” according to the “initial protocols” for the transfer of power to Biden. He allowed the beginning of formal procedures, but refused to admit his defeat in the elections.

Biden, meanwhile, has already said what he intends to do in the first hundred days of his tenure as president of the United States. For example, he is going to send the immigrant law to the Senate, which "will open the way to obtaining citizenship for 11 million undocumented people."