They inspired fear! What Russians looked like in American Cold War comics
26 November 2020, 16:31
In the terms of style, Soviet and American visual propaganda practically did not differ from each other.

The writer Vadim Mesyats published a selection of pictures from American comics during the Cold War:

“Friends from the States said that they expected to see something like this, and were afraid of invasion, bombing and concentration camps. My blood brother John Shultess believed that we were leading Americans by the nose all this time. Instead of ballistic missiles, they carried the trunks of giant trees to parades, and the Americans, fools, believed. Like a good military trick. It was pleasant and easy for me to represent the Russian people on a foreign continent. I didn't look like the dudes from the movies, which caused an approving surprise. I don’t know what’s on their minds now. Hardly anything has changed. Americans are suspicious of a zombie box. Democracy is never talked about. Compatriots do not count..."

As the readers of the blog have correctly noted, these pictures are very much reminiscent of Soviet pictures from the Krokodil (Crocodile) magazine, in which Americans were depicted in the same satirical spirit. The propaganda is the same everywhere.