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Every fifth doctor has evidence that authorities are manipulating figures about COVID
27 May 2020, 16:20
Every fifth doctor has evidence that authorities are manipulating figures about COVID
Photo: pixabay.com
Almost every fifth Russian physician has evidence that authorities are manipulating statistics on mortality from COVID-19. Earlier, the Russian authorities suspected the Russian journalists of this, but Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova denied the allegations.

17% of doctors surveyed have concrete evidence that authorities manipulate statistics, according to a survey by RNC Pharma and Doctor at Work. Most often, doctors call an understatement of official mortality data, some say that they have evidence and overstatement of this information.

Most Russian doctors (61%) doubt the reliability of official data on mortality from coronavirus in Russia, but they have no evidence of this. “Obviously, the cause of doubt may be a general distrust of the statistics in the health care system. In addition, there are questions about the counting technique, since there are a large number of patients with coronavirus who are asymptomatic. The questions are caused by the quality of the tests and the methodology for taking the biomaterial, ”the analytical company explained.

Only 9% of doctors surveyed fully trust statistical data. The least trusted official data are male doctors. Among respondents, only 6% were found. More trusting are female doctors - 11% of them.

Earlier, The Financhial Times reporters compared data on mortality in the capital over the past five years and concluded that coronavirus mortality rates can be underestimated by up to 70%. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova denied these allegations , saying that the authorities did not manipulate statistics, and the death rate from a new disease in the country is the same as that presented in official reports, that is, does not exceed 1%. The Ministry of Health later explained that the official data include only those sick or deceased in whom the test for coronavirus was positive. Having had ARVI or community-acquired pneumonia during this period, they are not included in official statistics.

So, for example, earlier Novye Izvestia wrote that Pavel Burkov, soloist of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater, who died of complications from pneumonia, was not included in official statistics , although his relatives were ordered to bury him in a closed coffin in a bag instead of a tailcoat, as expected to bury all those who died from coronavirus during this period.

The number of patients with coronavirus in Russia has reached 370.6 thousand people. From the beginning of the spread of the epidemic, 142.2 thousand patients were already able to recover. 3.9 thousand people died from complications.