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Rosaviation demands to punish the leadership of "Pobeda" for the banking turns in support of Dziuba
27 November 2020, 15:45
Rosaviation demands to punish the leadership of "Pobeda" for the banking turns in support of Dziuba
Photo: flightradar24.com
The Rosaviation (Federal Air Transport Agency) commission recommended that Aeroflot consider the question of the compliance of the "Pobeda" airline management with the position held. The department had doubts after the "Pobeda" plane with passengers on board performed turns in support of football player Artyom Dziuba.

On November 11, the "Pobeda" liner, flying from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, made turns, the trajectory of which, if you look at the map, resembled a phallic symbol, RBC reports. According to a representative of the airline, the need for such a trajectory is explained by the suspicion of a malfunction of the orientation sensors. But the commission's report indicated there was no evidence that the sensors were faulty. The report was prepared based on the results of an investigation by a commission appointed by the Federal Air Transport Agency and approved by First Deputy Transport Minister Alexander Neradko.

At the same time, the airline said that “perhaps the captains of "Pobeda" expressed their support to the captain of the national team Artem Dziuba and showed their attitude to his persecution”.

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency, the aircraft crew made a decision "to deviate from the approved flight plan to perform unauthorized" maneuvers that were not required to check the navigation system. At this moment, we will note that there were 102 passengers on board.

The report of the department emphasized that the actions of the pilots could affect the safety of the flight.

Taking into account all the data, the Federal Air Transport Agency accused the leadership of "Pobeda" of violating the policy in the field of flight safety. Therefore, the commission advised Aeroflot to “consider the issue of the conformity of the management” of this airline to the position held and send a report to law enforcement and supervisory authorities to “take action” against "Pobeda" employees.

Let us recall that on November 7, an intimate video was circulated on the Internet, which depicted Artyom Dzyuba. The head coach of the Russian national football team, Stanislav Cherchesov, suspended the athlete from participating in the training camp.