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Shaman Gabyshev was forcibly taken to a mental hospital because of his refusal to receive treatment
28 January 2021, 11:50
Shaman Gabyshev was forcibly taken to a mental hospital because of his refusal to receive treatment
The Yakut Republican Psychoneurological Dispensary explained the need for the forced hospitalization of the local shaman Alexander Gabyshev.

The website of the medical institution says that last year Gabyshev was hospitalized at a dispensary by a court decision. Before his discharge, the medical commission came to the conclusion that he needed to be actively monitored, since he poses a social danger to society.

With active dispensary supervision, a citizen is obliged to come to the district psychiatrist once or twice a month. During the appointment, the doctor will prescribe the necessary medications and assess the general condition of the patient.

Until December, the state of the Yakut shaman was stable. However, at an appointment in the middle of last month, he said that he would no longer go to a psychiatrist and categorically refused treatment. In January, Gabyshev did not go to the doctor. He also did not answer calls from a specialist. After that, the dispensary's staff contacted the shaman's relatives, who confirmed that he categorically refused to talk.

In this case, the medical organization was obliged to take measures to examine the patient. According to the law, if the person under active supervision does not open the door to the doctors, then police officers are called to the scene, who must assist in resolving the issue. And so it happened. On January 27, with the help of police officers, the shaman was taken to the dispensary.

“Now the patient is in the dispensary under the supervision of doctors”, - the representatives of the medical institution concluded.

It's worth reminding that yesterday, January 27, the police took the Yakut shaman to a mental hospital. Earlier, Gabyshev announced his intention to set off on a new campaign against Moscow on a white horse. The first trip took place in 2019. The purpose of such events is to drive out demons from power.