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Experts predicted car sales to fall by 30%
29 April 2020, 11:24
Experts predicted car sales to fall by 30%
Photo: interiorexplorer.ru
Sales of cars in Russia may fall by 30% - to 1.14 million cars - due to the situation with coronavirus and falling oil prices.

This is possible under the "stressful" scenario, according to which the restoration and stabilization of oil prices is expected only by the third quarter of this year, TASS reports , citing a study by the consulting company PwC.

If a favorable scenario unfolds in the country, then the car market will fall by 3.5% to 1.57 million cars.

The authors of the study said that online sales will be actively practiced in Russia. According to Victoria Sinichkina, Director of Consulting Services Practice for Automotive Companies in PwC Russia, the situation under any scenario can be considered a new opportunity.

- Regardless of the implementation of the market development scenario, the current situation should be regarded as an opportunity. Digitalization of the marketing function provides an opportunity to reduce costs while maintaining the marketing functionality, and also prepares the company for a change in the consumption model in the future, ”said Sinichkina.

But the Russians are not ready to buy cars online - under any of the scenarios. The point is in psychology, says automotive expert Alexei Aksyonov. He noted that such a service - choosing a car on the Internet and visiting a salon just to pick up an acquisition - existed before. But the popularity among users is not gained.

“A car is a serious purchase, ordering it like socks on the Internet is psychologically difficult for most Russians,” the expert explained .

Earlier, the consulting company Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predicted a fall in sales of passenger cars in Russia to 50% under a pessimistic scenario. According to analysts, auto sales should fall by 20% under an optimistic scenario.